How many times have you made a promise to take note of your mistakes, forget past pains and disappointments and start living on a clean sheet? One, ten or every Monday? How many reform plans and programs have been adopted in the country’s short history? New faces replaced old faces. The past is forgotten, leaving room for the promises of a bright future and new plans «out of the blank» When do we finally realize that there is no future without the past? Historical memory helps you grow healthy sprouts on the roots of the past, take into account your experience and mistakes. A blank sheet is the next page of a thick book of life.

It is scary when a personal agenda consists of one item - to find another bottle of vodka. It is the road to poverty, crime and degeneration. There are now about 1.7 million addicts in Ukraine, of whom more than half are women. They need treatment. And the country needs an agenda to fight poverty, which is a major impetus for alcoholism.

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