Contemporaries and the World

Jewish Cultural Center BEIT GRAND, Odessa, Ukraine UAFRA has been a partner in organizing the contemporary art exhibition in Odessa at the BEIT GRAND Jewish Cultural Center, as well as co-organizing a creative competition in three nominations (Landscape, Still Life, and Contemporary Art). The exhibition was dedicated to the unifying role of art in the modern world. The individual perception of the world in all its diversity is harmoniously combined with accepting it as a unity that provides space for individuals. The exhibition brought together 25 authors from Ukraine, Israel, the USA and Germany. UAFRA presented Iryna Akimova’s paintings from the series JUST SUMMER. Project organizer – Art brand JAMH General Partner – BEIT GRAND Partners – BF «Hesed Shaarey Zion», creative project «Kukltura», Ukrainian Association for Women’s Studies in the Arts / UAFRA, Ukrainian Association for Handmade Creativity UAHA.

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