Greek Accent – Ukrainian Vision

Exhibition of Ukrainian Contemporary Art 11-25/10/2019, Athens, Embassy of Ukraine in Greece and «Purple Gallery», Lamia, Greece The art-project GREEK ACCENT: UKRAINIAN VISION took place in October 2019 in Athens at the Embassy of Ukraine in Greece and at the leading Greek gallery «Purple Gallery» in Lamia (Lamia Municipality). The project was organized by the ArtLine Cultural Center with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Embassy of Ukraine in Greece. UAFRA became a partner of the project. The exhibition united different spheres of arts – painting, art-ceramics, enamel, painting on glass, collage, fashion illustration and author’s doll – and demonstrated a high level of intellectual and creative potential of modern Ukraine. The «Greek accent» in the project encouraged the authors to present their vision of the cultural heritage of Greece, the «cradle of European civilization». It was a dialogue on the impact of the classical ideals of beauty and harmonious development born in Ancient Greece on modern life. Ten Ukrainian artists took part in the project: Marianna Abramova, Iryna Akimova, Lilia Grinko, Lilia Zadoyanchuk, Inna Katyushchenko, Lana Kaufman, Olena Kichkina, Tatiana Korol, Oleksandra Musienko, Kateryna Pyatakova, Natalia Stryzhko, Olena Smal. UAFRA presented at the exhibition the art works by Iryna Akimova. Organizer – ArtLine Cultural Center Curator – Marianna Abramova.


Greece is the cradle of arts and democracy. Here were born great instruments of spiritual freedom with all their contradictions and internal forces of development. Greek classics gave a start to the history of painting from the Renaissance to contemporary art, and inspired both seekers of perfect forms and lines and those who tried to get rid of their shackles. The magic of the theater, barely arising, has presented to the humanity a world of masks, behind which both actors and spectators can hide their identity. The miracle of democracy was born together by ostracism. Time is flowing, but the elixir of inspiration does not dry up in the Greek vessel.

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