Just summer

New solo exhibition of Iryna Akimova "Just summer!" invites the viewer into the world of expression and bright colors , filled with the sun and the subtle romance of true summer mood. The dynamism of flower compositions, the fabulous shapes of tree shadows, the philosophy of the summer rain, the mistery of summer coweb and starry night - all these parts together form an inspired author's story about a wonderful time of the year, full of freshness, hopes and expectations of little wonders.

Simple stories from everyday life are transformed into a vivid mosaic of images that are interwoven by joy to live and appreciate this world, despite all the problems and contradictions. The ability to appreciate the beauty of the world is very important, since it motivates the people to protect it and adds wisdom and kindness to the philosophy our life.

Figurative painting by Iryna Akimova is full of warm, soft light, and a subtle sense of color. She combines and harmonizes her new cycle of paintings by stylized decorative elements as a homage to Art Deco style, which flourished a century ago.

IRYNA AKIMOVA is a Ukrainian artist, a representative of modern figurative art. Born in Kharkov, lives and works in Kyiv. Participated in many collective art exhibitions in the museums and art galleries in Ukraine and abroad. A new project "Just summer!" is the fifth solo exhibition of the artist. Her works are in private collections of Ukrainian and European collectors. In 2016, Iryna Akimova founded and headed the NGO "Ukrainian Association for Women's Studies in the Arts" (UAFRA).

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