Non-fictitious stories

Each exhibition is a new step in the development of one’s own philosophy and a new opportunity to talk with the interested spectator. My new exhibition includes several thematic series.

The "Floral Libretto" is devoted to my main research topic - Conflicts and Compromises. We face conflicts everywhere - in the family, in the country, in relations between countries. All micro- and macro conflicts have different colors, smells, shapes and consequences. They carry anxiety and uncertainty, they excite and frighten. However, they do not contain fatal doom, if a search for a constructive compromise has started. Personal and social tearing can be stitched back when there is a hope, and the flowers of the future start to grow on the stems of the past (“The Rose"). Despite the indifference of the crowd, the soul might heal its wounds if we believe in tomorrow and work on it ( "The Soul").

Only petty anger, envy and hatred hinder the search for a constructive compromise, destroy the delicate balance and push to the brink of survival (triptych "Overcrowded”) . The art of compromise is not simple. It has a feminine origin, because it is the woman who, as the hearth’s guard and the progenitor, is doomed by nature to seek the complex peaceful ways of conflict resolution. Behind the apparent natural harmony of a flower bouquet presented in fresh pink tones one finds the painstaking work of women's hands that provide each flower with an appropriate place within the general inextricable composition ("A Spring Bouquet").

The series “Expectation” continue my study of uncertainty and exit out of it. The black-and-white alarm in the "Night Expectation", the cold detachment of a large city from the person in the "Woman and the City" and even the bright colors of the fantastic eyes of the forest ("Alarming Forest's Eyes") - all of them reflect the eternal search for one's own life goals and spiritual values in order to achieve balance and harmony.

The series "Through the water streams .." and "Winter etudes" present changeable sentiments related to the play of light in different landscape motifs.

Several works in " The Games of Heaven” will remind of my first exhibition ("I paint the sky .."). The infinite depth, dynamics and colors of the sky continue to excite me deeply and to bring forth the images that I want to share with the spectators.

What unites all works in this exhibition is the fact that they came out of meditations, fleeting impressions and observations of the ordinary events of our life. I did not need to invent. The bouquet on the table, the landscape outside the window, people’s silhouettes and water threads - they all offered their own stories. Interwoven with my feelings and sensations, these stories were transformed into images in one breath. Therefore, I called my exhibition "Non-fictitious stories." It continues my philosophy of emotional realism, within which the emotional search for internal connections is hidden behind the object’s surface.

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