Nuova Primavera

Ukrainian Art Fest | NUOVA PRIMAVERA

 (April 24-30, 2019, Palazzo Velli Gallery, Rome, Italy)

The project was organized by the ArtLine Cultural Center with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Ukraine in Italy. The aim of the project is to present to the Italian audience the potential of contemporary Ukraine in various art spheres: painting, ceramic sculpture, enamels, fashion, illustration, jewelry, author perfume, Haute Couture fashion.

 UAFRA supported the organizers and participated in the Ukrainian Art Fest NUOVA PRIMAVERA, presenting works by Iryna Akimova.

The project brought together more than 20 authors, each of whom provided original interpretation of the theme of spring, rebirth, spiritual transformation, origination of new ideas and senses. The exhibition reflected aspirations and ideas of modern Ukrainian society. Modern Ukraine is very different: rich in traditions and responsive to current challenges, conceptual, elegant, stylish, deep and humorous, energetic, capable of creating new content and bring it to life. The art is a pioneer in displaying the code of changes and new turns of future development.

 In the artists’ interpretations, the theme of spring has acquired a philosophical meaning, where there is a place for reflection on the past and future; for freedom and responsibility; for innovativeness and accumulation of experience; for dreamy lightness and loneliness; for the beauty of the nature of Ukraine and the world; for the birth of luxury out of chaos ; for appreciation of the every moment of our life. Project participants: painting: Marianna Abramova, Iryna Akimova, Inna Katyushchenko, Sofia Kulchytska, Ivan Pylypenko, Kateryna Pyatakova. Ceramic sculpture: Olesya Dvorak-Halik, Andrey Kirichenko, Olga Pilnyk, Elizabeth Portnova. Painting on glass: Lilia Zadoyanchuk. Enamels: Alina Naboka. Collages: Mykola Soloner (London), Katya Syta, Dana Yakimchuk. Author’s doll: Lydia Grinko. Fashion illustration: skits by Oksana Ivanchenko. DVOIRA brand – author’s handkerchiefs by Vera Shelest. Brand COOLBABA – hand-made hats by Irina Krasilnikova. Jewelry – Stanislav Drokin. The aroma of the project is the perfume of SVET Bohdan Zubchenko and Svetlana Lysenko. Fashion Haute Couture – a show of Haute Couture of the LUMINOUS SHINE OF ETERNITY collection by Ukrainian designer YS (Yanis Stepanenko).

Organizer – ArtLine Cultural Center

Curator – Marianna Abramova

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