Women in Art

German-Ukrainian Contemporary Art Exhibition Project 08/09 – 03/11/2019 VILLA MOHR Cultural Center, Munich, Germany The German-Ukrainian project WOMEN IN ART was organized by Frau-kunst-politik.de and UAFRA with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany. The project included an exhibition of contemporary art, as well as literary and musical meetings. The contemporary art exhibition featured works eight contemporary authors: four German artists (Corina Toledo, Barbara von Johnson, Ingrid Firmhofer, Catalina BerezkiKossack) and four Ukrainian artists (Iryna Akimova, Tanya Vasylenko, Anna Bitaeva, Kateryna Pyatakova) that were presented by UAFRA. It was an artistic dialogue about the role of women in the modern world and in the arts, about the reflection of various social and ethical issues and challenges by the artists. This international project also offered literary readings with the Ukrainian writer Oksana Zabushko and a music concert by Ukrainian pianist Kirill Korsunenko.

Project organizers – Frau-kunst-politik.de (Germany) and UAFRA (Ukrainian Association for Feminine Research in the Art).

Curator – Corina Toledo

Co-curator – Iryna Akimova

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