I draw the sky...

During my life I had to try myself in different fields and in different positions. I taught economics and marketing at the university for a long time with pleasure, was a researcher in international research centers, organized and managed several research centers, was a politician and a high-ranking civil servant. Music and books have always been an integral part of my life. The desire to listen to classical music was complemented by the opportunity to play the piano yourself. Reading from childhood grew into a desire to become a writer, and poetry helped to express their feelings and thoughts.

But I never picked up a brush. Painting for me lived in museums and exhibitions in different countries, where I liked to keep coming back, like old friends, in order to get new ones.

feelings and ideas, look with different eyes at familiar objects, be surprised and think.

The ever-changing world in which we live gives birth to different feelings - from inspiration to despair. the opportunity to see the world and communicate with different people give experience, form their own assessments and images that you want to share with other people. When feelings and images find each other and merge together, paintings are born that have their own music and the philosophy of their authors.

Suddenly, in my life, the moment came for me when the brush, canvas and easel ceased to be strangers and became demanding friends, allowing me to express part of my soul in paintings. I started drawing a year and a half ago. And I realized that the pleasure of being able to create images on canvas and the desire for mastery will never leave me.

I am drawn and struck by the sky. Its variability is similar to the variability of the world and our lives, only much more dynamic. Drawn by clouds or permeated by the sun, with dark night violet or bright day blue, it is always above us and next to us. Mixed with sunlight, the colors of the sky often surpass the colors of gray cities and everyday life. We look at the sky in moments of happiness and anxiety, in admiration and in supplication. And we always find some signs of change. The sky is reflected and reflective. The reflection of the sky on the surface of the water enchants with its perfection and surprises with new unexpected images. The reflection of the world around us, our feelings and destiny in the sky is a field for the artist's boundless creative imagination. That's why the name of my first exhibition is "I draw the sky ...".

Along with landscapes, I offer the viewer several portraits and still lifes. For all the differences in the styles in which the paintings are painted, I build my philosophy. This is a philosophy of emotional search for an internal connection with the depicted image, which helps to see the author's thoughts and moods by realistic features. I call it emotional realism.

It is not for me to judge my creations.

Random viewer - you are a judge.

Know the colors and moods

in my paintings, it's me.

Irina Akimova

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