On October 20, in the Museum of the History of Kiev, the opening of the personal exhibition of Irina Akimova "Music"


Painting is silent poetry, Leonardo da Vinci argued. In this project, I wanted to show painting as a dynamic cast of music, harmoniously reflecting its composition, style, rhythm, color and images.

I paint music ... I try to give my own individual visual interpretation of different pieces of music. While working on the paintings, I first divided the piece of music into several components (which do not always coincide with the theoretical musical construction). Each component appeared as a separate element of the visual composition. Then I determined the color scheme and compositional structure of each element. My instruments are colors, shapes, lines that reflect tonality, strength of sound, or whole musical phrases. In some works (Chopin's First Concerto for Piano and Orchestra), color compositions of various shapes, together with variations of complex figures with numerous bends in the language of abstraction, convey musical phrases that add up to a single piece, reflecting its mood and intonation. In other works, symbolic figurative images appear (ROMEO AND JULIET), which complement the abstract composition, making it possible to more accurately convey the drama of a musical work. And in some works (THE SEASONS IN BUYNES AIRES) figurative compositions dominate, which, through associations with images of nature or the city, help to reflect the spirit and character of the musical creation.

In most works, the main theme of a piece of music and its rhythm are symbolically present. For example, in BOLERO, the musical theme is encoded in the height of mystical candles, which, by the play of the imagination, turn into notes, and lines similar to a staff become the bearers of rhythm.

Music and painting have a lot in common. Each has its own laws in composition, rhythm, color / sound solution. Compliance with these laws is important for the harmony of perception of both painting and music of the work. And even violation of these laws also has its own logic and rules. It is important to understand them so that the visual image can absorb a piece of the soul of a piece of music. At the same time, the need to preserve this internal logic does not deny, but on the contrary gives a unique opportunity to pass it through your emotions and philosophy of life. And then not just Chopin's first concert for piano and orchestra appears in the picture, but my Chopin, the way I hear, feel and breathe. Look at him and listen to him with me.

The MUSIC project is my story about my favorite classical music in the language of modern painting. The project contains paintings and installations created on the themes of musical works by composers of different eras and different directions. From the classics of Vivaldi and Chopin, the late romanticism of Prokofiev and Ravel, expressionism and dodecaphony of Schoenberg to the tango nuevo of Piazzolla. This includes an installation on the theme of the musical instruments of a symphony orchestra. The MUSIC project was presented to the viewer as part of my solo exhibition held in October 2020 at the Museum of the History of the City of Kiev.

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