IRINA AKIMOVA is a Ukrainian artist, a representative of contemporary figurative art. Born in Kharkov, lives and works in Kiev. Participated in collective exhibitions of art in art galleries and museums of Ukraine. The new project "Reflection" which is presented in the "Museum of the History of Kyiv" is her third solo-exhibition . Her works are in private collections of Ukrainian and European collectors. Iryna Akimova is the head of NGO "Ukrainian Association of Feminine Studies in Arts"

( UAFRA) that she founded in 2016.

"Reflection" is a new, serious step in my research of constructive compromise ( "K-squared )" that I started three years ago. This research project is devoted to the studies of a harmonious solution of different social and psychological contradictions and conflicts in the contemporary world by means of art.

"Reflection" - is an open philosophical discussion about the diversity of human views on the world phenomena and the search for a common "platform" that allows the society to exist and develop . This exhibition features inspirational landscapes and portraits in an unusual and unexpected manner. Each plot is executed in two styles. One "reflection" of the reality is close to impressionism or on the verge of expressionism. The other “reflection” is the artistic homage to cubism. In this way, I try to accentuate that people perceive the same phenomena differently depending on their personal preferences, beliefs, moods and points of view. Different reflections produce different considerations. It is imbedded in the English word “reflection” which simultaneously means “mirroring” and “considering” something.

Both versions (reflections) are presented to the viewer side by side as if inviting him/her to make a choice. What is better and more correct - more realistic version with an impressionistic touch or a cubistic interpretation? Is there a conflict between two interpretations and how to solve it? Can people with different perspectives on the same phenomena find a common language?

Both reflections do not represent a true reality. They are only subjective images, which are formed under the influence of personal considerations, emotional quests and creative inspirations. None of the reflections is better or worse than the other. Both interpretations have the right to exist, be admired and followed. There is no a single perfect mirror with an exclusive correct reflection of the world.

I invite the viewer to reflect on how diversity becomes a common platform for our coexistence. A constructive compromise as an instrument of achieving social harmony, rejects the absolute dominance of a particular point of view and requires respect for the diversity.

This exhibition presents new works and those which are already familiar to the viewers. Self-portrait (2016) is presented with its new "match” - "Is it me?". The exquisite symbolism of the Variations on the theme "The Drowned Sun ...." (2017) does not disturb the harmony of summer colors of "Lavender" (2018) and dynamism of "Rhythm of the Lake" (2018) . All pictures are united by the emotional author's coloring and deep philosophical reflections.

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