The Third All-Ukrainian Art Festival of Contemporary Women's Art

(Ukrainian Contemporary Women’s Art Fest 2020)


September 8-21, 2020

Now the whole world is going through difficult times. The COVID 19 pandemic has changed a lot in our established system of views and system of action. The globalized world with its developed chains of economic, social, cultural relations under the influence of strict quarantine measures began to disintegrate into separate components, demonstrating not only its strengths but also its weaknesses. Countries, cities, and families isolated themselves within their own borders. The rupture of habitual relationships has exposed our close interdependence and need for support. We will have to go through trials, cope with the consequences, revive and look at our lives in a new way. All this is reminiscent of the wheel of samsara, the rotation of which symbolizes the change of eras, the breaking of the old understanding and the emergence of new content.

Artfest presents the works of contemporary artists in a wide variety. More than 40 artists from Ukraine, as well as from Germany, the Netherlands and Israel take part in the Artfest. They offer viewers painting, installations, sculpture, animation, video art, full of emotional visualization of important issues of modern life.

Participants of the Third All-Ukrainian Art Festival of Contemporary Women's Art:

Irena Tone, Vera DG, Abramova Marianna, Adkozalova Victoria, Akimova Irina, Anael,

Bernie Anastasia, Birdina Natalia, Bitaeva Anna, Bondarenko Bozhena, Vasylenko Tanya,

Vorona Iryna, Gandysh Marina, Gelman Mariko, Gonchar Anzhelika, Gromenko Marina,

Grosul Elina, Davydenko Lyudmila, Didenko Anastasia, Zaremba Olga, Kartavtseva Oksana,

Korina Toledo, Kucheruk Olena, Limar Tetyana, Luhovska Anna, Malonog Alika, Melnikova Olga, Vannie Natalia, Neidorf Kateryna, Pakholchuk Oleksandra, Plavun Valentina, Prozora Anastasia, Protsenko Anastasia, Pyatakova Kateryna, Savka Zatyarka Zitarya, S Tkachenko Olesya, Trubnikova-Omelchenko Nelli, Khmil Khrystyna, Khudoliy Anastasia, Chepelyk Oksana, Cherednychenko Veronika, Shadrina Kateryna, Yakimenko Lubov.

Project curator - Irina Akimova

Co-curator of the project - Anastasia Goncharenko

Art director - Vlad Tuzov

Coordinator - Miroslava Yakymchuk

Information partner - Art brand JAMH

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